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I'm Rosemary Pharo and I offer people who want change in their lives the opportunity to create it with the Control System of remedial hypnosis and mind management.  I'm based in Bromley, Kent, BR4 and I work internationally on-line.  Control is a systematic approach to update our beliefs, behaviours, habits and emotional responses - exactly the things that lie behind unhappiness, anxiety, self-doubt, frustrations, imposter syndrome and all kinds of feelings around self-worth and esteem. With Control we talk directly to the parts of us that might be living in the past, updating them to create a life with the potential for more happiness and success in our endeavours.

With Control, you have a  completely free consultation which aims to establish if the approach is right for you, followed by a programme of three sessions costing £295. All you have to do to set up a free consultation is call me on 07940 913382 or follow the menu and email. I find Three sessions is all most people need to achieve their aims.

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Food habits

Reprogramme life-time patterns

Improve Self Esteem and confidence

You Have the Power


Are your profits or earnings being affected by your self-value?


"I would recommend Rosemary for people wanting to change things in their lives.

She is kind and caring and spends a lot of time with you without rushing.

She really helped me with my irrational fear of needles allowing me to go and have dental work done which I had been putting off for months. She has also given me the tools to work on myself for other things too."


Client September 2019

"Rosemary is very professional with a very kind and warm personality which makes you feel at ease.  Since treatment with Rosemary I have noticed a dramatic change in myself for the better and what used to be a repetitive action/pattern of anxiety, doubt and getting upset unable to communicate, have now become emotions that are manageable, and I now feel back in control and able to express what I want to.  Only wish I had addressed these issues years ago.   Thank you Rosemary!"

!I was always thought that my problem is psychological and I will need to see a psychologist sooner than later. ...If she says yes she can help I was sure she will. And this is what happened. I feel more confident with myself and more in control. I highly recommend Rosemary for those who think they have a problem but nobody is out there to diagnose and help. The whole process and treatment is very fair and quick."

Client February 2019

"Rosemary's treatments were fantastic and unexplainable.
I came to the appointment with anxiety and left with less after each appointment and now seem to be able to manage my anxiety more easily and   I just cant explain it.
It is'nt a coincidence that I know, Rosemary worked with me and it has made a tremendous difference
Thanks Rosemary and I recommend you all the time"

Thanks Louise McIntosh 2018


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